Global Index of Vegetation-Plot Databases (GIVD)

This metadatabase shall provide an overview of existing vegetation data worldwide, allow researchers to retrieve suitable data to prepare specific research, and thus enhance the awareness and application of this valuable but underestimated source of biodiversity information.

Pronouncing the acronym GIVD is intended to remind of the “gift” that database hosts offer to the scientific community by facilitating the use of their data by other scientists.

In GIVD, you find metadata about major vegetation-plot databases of the world. This will help you to retrieve suitable data sources for the analyses you plan and to get into contact with their hosts. You can get an overview of and search within the registered databases here.


Taxonomic referencelist for botanical vegetation plot databases in Germany (GermanSL)

Floristic databases and vegetation plot databases are in need of defined taxonomic names to convey their content in an exact and unambigious manner. In flora databases many taxonomic names can be found that do not exist in traditional checklists, for example aggregates, not established species, crops, hybrids, etc. For this reason the taxonomic standard references (Wisskirchen und Haeupler 1998, Koperski 2000 u.a.) are insufficient.

Furthermore for vegetation plot databases the situation is such that there is no common taxonomic reference list for different groups of species (vascular plants, moss, lichens, algae).

For these reasons wie decided to put together a reference list of observation data for vascular plants, moss, lichens, and macroscopic algae.


The vegetation database for Germany

vegetweb 2.0 is the address for exchange of vegetation data in Germany. From 2014 to 2016 vegetweb was developed by a project finanzed by BfN and BMU in the context of the national strategy for biological diversity.


The floristic database of Brandenburg (Flora-BB).

Distribution data of the flora of Brandenburg

The information about the distribution of vascular plants in Brandenburg (Germany) originates of the biotope mapping BB. These data were edited with the aid of the Landesamt für Umwelt Brandenburg. Furthermore, data were obtained from the collection of the Botanical Institute of Greifswald University in as far as they pertain to the area of Brandenburg.


Floristic databases and herbaries of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany).


This is a collection of databases on vascular plants, orchards, moss, lichens, mushrooms and macro algae.


Quarasek offers you an administration of scientific vegetation literature in the context of the other databases offered by infiniteNature.